Season ticket limited in time – valid for 31 days.

1.Adult person from 15 years old, price 100 Euro with VAT / pc

2.Senior from 63 years old, ZŤPS and ZŤPS 80 Euro with VAT / pc

The permanent ticket is limited in time, valid for 31 days from the purchase or from the first ticket purchased. The maximum number of entries is once a day, it is portable. The time spent in the Aquapark is unlimited. Valid for one person.

Discounted admissions: Season ticket for 20 Admissions

3.Adult person from 15 years old 20 entrances price 140 Euros including VAT

4. Senior from 63 years old, ZŤPS and ZŤPS 20 entrances, price 120 Euros with VAT

5. Child from 3 to 15 years old, 20 tickets, price 100 Euros with VAT

Purchased discounted entry – 20 entry season ticket is valid until 20.3.2024 inclusive. The maximum number of entries per day is not limited, the season ticket is transferable. The time spent in the Aquapark is unlimited. When visiting the Aquapark, as many entrances as visitors will be deducted from the season ticket.


A client who purchases a discounted entry – Time-limited Season Ticket – valid for 31 days and a 20-Entry Season Ticket via the website After the purchase, it is necessary to personally prove the payment of the given season ticket and at the same time it must be picked up at the ticket office of the Aquapark in Lipany ul. Moyzesova 1510. The season ticket will be activated upon collection. The client is responsible for the loss of the season ticket, he is not entitled to a refund or a free issue of a new season ticket.